Mini S Club Reunion

Well when I say mini, I really mean mini… Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays met up with her long time friend and ex band mate Aaron Renfree at the weekend.

The pair were spotted leaving the Mahiki nightclub in London.

It’s a shame that Rochelle wasn’t there also – but in fairness, all of the S Club Juniors/S Club 8 had a reunion for a birthday earlier this year.

What do you think of Frankie’s dress? She serious looks killer with those Louboutins on also!

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Britney Spears announces UK Femme Fatale tour dates!!

Yes!! This is amazing news!!

Britney Spears has announced the UK dates for her upcoming Femme Fatale tour.

It’s going to be amazing!

The dates announced so far are:

October 25 – Belfast, Odyssey arena
October 27 – London, O2 arena
October 28 – London, O2 arena
October 30 – Birmingham, LG arena
October 31 – Birmingham, LG arena
November 2 – London, O2 arena
November 3 – London, O2 arena
November 6 – Manchester, MEN arena

You think she might add another Manchester date? Will you be going to see Britney Spears on tour?

Tickets go on sale on June 10.

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Check out Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring…

Kim Kardashian has got quite a rock on her engagement finger.

She flashed it on the red carpet at the AmberLounge Fashion Monaco 2011.

What do you think of her look on a whole? I think she looks quite beautiful!

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Who wore what at last night’s Billboard Music Awards?

Check out some of the fashion from last night’s Billboard Music Awards.

Who wore what best?

I personally think that Kelly Rowland is werkin’ that pink dress! What a figure!

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Matt Lanter spotted in London town

90210 star Matt Lanter has been spotted in London filming scenes for an upcoming movie “Liars All.”

He was joined by costars Stephanie McIntosh and Torrance Coombs whilst filming in London’s Mayfair district.

In the film, Stephanie McIntosh plays a famous Pop Star with Torrance Coombs playing her love interest. During the scene, real paparazzi were used to photograph the “famous couple” as they were out and about.

So where does Mr Lanter fit into all of this? Guess we’ll just have to find out when the movie is released!

Images via Zimbio

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Beyonce KILLS it at the Billboard Awards!

Not only did Rihanna and Britney Spears make a huge impression on everybody at the Billboard Awards last night – but Beyonce blew EVERYONE out of the water with her epic performance of ‘Run The World (Girls)’.

Girl brought it with the technology and didn’t get one step wrong!

Check out Beyonce performing her single at the Billboard Awards. The performance starts at the 2.55 mark!

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Rihanna and Britney Spears perform ‘S&M’ at the Billboard Awards

Wow! Britney Spears joined Rihanna on stage to open up the Billboard Awards last night.

Even though duet was given away before the two were on stage, the audience seemed surprised and went wild when Britney appeared!

Such a great way to start back performing on the awards shows like before. Maybe she could do something at VMA’s?

Both ladies looked amazing. Britney was clearly miming, but I’ve come to expect that from her now so I’m never really disappointed.

What do you think of the performance?

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Beyonce’s next single?

A song has leaked from Beyonce’s new album ’4′ and it is rumoured to be the next single after ‘Run The World (Girls)’.

The song is called ‘Till The End of Time’ (yes, Beyonce has already had a song with the same title featuring Justin Timberlake…).

I am personally not feeling it too be completely honest. I think she needs to step up her game a little.

That said, the track will more than likely grow on me. What do you think of it?

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The Saturdays first live TV performance of ‘Notorious’

The Saturdays stopped by So You Think You Can Dance for a special live performance of their new single…

They have really stepped up their game this time around! As per usual, the girls look stunning – but they actually sounded brilliant too!

Check out their performance of ‘Notorious’. Do you like?

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Christina Aguilera featuring Cee Lo Green!

A new track featuring Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green has appeared online – and it’s actually quite good!

The song is titled ‘Nasty’ and was actually recorded a few years ago – long before they both became coaches on The Voice.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Cee Lo Green said:

“Christina’s just like the best to me… We did a song together, a few years ago. It actually was supposed to make the Burlesque soundtrack, but it didn’t make it. I’ve been seeing people tweeting about it lately, so I guess they’re going to release it.”

What do you think of the track? It’s got a ‘Back to Basics’ Christina feel to it which isn’t a bad thing!!

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