So Happy

Has anybody seen Britney recently? She’s looking gorgeous!

She is back on track to becoming a superstar again. More importantly, on track to becoming a proper mommy again!

Cannot wait to here the new material!

Making Progress

Britney Spears has today been granted with more visitation rights with her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Kevin Federline’s laywer (attorney) Mark Vincent Kaplan addressed the press and said it “represents a step moving forward…”

K Fed wants the kids to grow up with both parents equally involved in their upbringing. Kudos to him!

Britney obviously wants this aswell!



Awww, look at Melissa Joan Hart’s new baby, Braydon at the ‘A Pea In The Pod’s’ 2008 Spring Summer Collection! For those of you who may have trouble remembering her, it’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch! She’s not so teenage anymore!

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Jennifer Lopez is meant to be getting $6 million for her baby pictures!

That’s $3 million per baby!!

I wonder if she will put that into their bank accounts so they are filthy rich when they are older?

Probably not, J-Lo loves money, and money loves her!

Britney and Kids = Reunited!

Wooo, Britney Spears, and her children have finally been allowed to see each other.

The singer hasn’t been able to see them since the 3rd January, and has only been allowed contact over the phone since then!

I’m very happy for her! She was accompanied by her Daddy, and a psychiatrist.

Hopefully the restraining order against Sam Lufti will be valid forever and ever! He should be sent down for a very long time for giving her drugs!

Angelina is Pregnant!

Lots of people already guessed, but Angie showed up at the Independant’s Spirits Awards on Saturday with a baby bump!

She still looks very petite, but I’m guessing she’s quite far on?

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

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Christina on Ellen!

Christina made a rare public appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show to whore out her new DVD and talk about the baby!

She looks quite hot. A bit of a M.I.L.F if you know what I mean!

See her below!