Shameless Self Promotion…

Well what more do you expect from me? HA!

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Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Well it’s that time of year again everyone…. Time for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, where the UK are most likely going to go home with either little or nothing!

I’m actually quite excited though as this it the first year we actually do have a GREAT act who CAN sing!!!

She SHOULD do well, but probably won’t as we always have dick heads running our country - making the rest of Europe hate us!

Anyway, check Jade (who’s representing the UK) below with her first performance on BBC1s Making Your Mind Up show a few months ago… She was brilliant!


OK… Trying to buy Lady Gaga concert tickets for Manchester as I type this!

Went on at exactly 9am and I know it opened dead on 9am because I tried a few minutes before….


Do your job right!


Following a phone call to TicketMaster… Apparently all of the tickets were pre-allocated before they went on general sale… Doesn’t that mean they should save some for general sale???

Looks like Lady Gaga needs to add some more UK tour dates at bigger venues. She’ll definitley fill seats and make more $£$£$£$£$£ !!!

Philip… You’re Fired!!

Well I’ve just watched The Apprentice on BBC1 and I must say that I’m actually shocked that Philip has gone!

Although he was a loud mouth and big head, he knew what he was talking about and could probably do a better job than some of the others!

After reading some other internet rumors/reports, I was adamant that he was going to stay because of his relationship with Kate (who by the way is pretty gorgeous!)… Apparently they’re hooking up.

Doesn’t surprise me though… The chemistry between them both on tonight’s episode was ON FIRE! Good luck to them :-)

4 Day Week!

Is anybody else loving this 4 day week as much as I am? Can’t believe it’s almost Thursday… then Friday… then time for the weekend AGAIN!

My good friend James’ birthday is coming up at the end of May, so I’m searching high and low for things to buy. I’ve just bought one AMAZING gift from eBay that I know he’ll love… Do you have anymore suggestions? It’s gotta be good!

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Britney’s CRAZY “fan”

I know this has been on the web for a few days now, but as a Britney fan… I feel I need to post it…The crazy guy deserves to be shot! She looked absolutely terrified! A fan wouldn’t do this!!Are you going to see Britney? I’m going to the O2 in London on 3rd June, and Manchester MEN Arena on 17th June.SO EXCITEDBEYONCE first though at the end of this month!!!


Do you ever feel like life isn’t really going anywhere?

I do…

I love my job through the week because of the people I work with, but I hate it when I have to work on a weekend… It sucks because it feels like all I do is work, and I don’t like feeling like that!

Are you doing anything this weekend??? Aside from working, I’m going over to Huddersfield (classy haha - but I love it) and probably just going to have a relaxing night in and sit on the roof terrace, then have the LONGEST sleep in ever on Sunday! YEP!!

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Check out the following video of my good friend, Emma Swales singing Listen by Beyonce. It’s brilliant!!

Let me know what you think!!

21st Birthday

OK, so after a manic - but brilliant weekend, I’m back to my normal life now… Although I do have a week off from my placement which is nice!

I actually got ID’d when buying an 18 certificate DVD today in ASDA! I was quite pleased though too be honest! Was so scared about being 21 but I guess at least I don’t look it! HA!

On a more sadder note, one of my fish died today - RIP!


Why do people assume that just because you blog that you’re horrible or whatever? It’s so annoying!

Anybody can blog - it’s just a way to express personal opinion.

So, I’ve decided to stop blogging about celebrities - there’s far too much going on in the celebrity world and I’m just not good enough to compete. F.Y.I I’ll get around to changing the logo of the site soon! There’s just not enough hours in the day at the moment!

Please don’t call me mean… I’m not… and I’m not rude either! If you don’t like reading blogs then don’t bother coming on… Simple… Not mean, just simple!

Thank you for the nice people :-)