Is there an app to date trans? Translr (Original name Transdr) is the No. 1 trans dating app that gathers transsexual, transvestite and transgender people together with just an app and for them to meet each other. Why Translr? Translr is dedicated to gather all trans people in the world and for them to connect and date each other.

Is Taimi for free? Taimi is entirely free in its basic version.

We also have premium features that require a subscription; nevertheless, these are completely optional. No payments, subscriptions, or fees are required to enjoy the Taimi app!

Is Taimi anonymous? The designers of Taimi, who choose to remain anonymous, said alleged workplace discrimination they suffered because of their sexuality inspired them to create a gay dating app with some of the tightest security available.

How much is Taimi app? The base price of Taimi Premium subscription is $4.99 for Bronze, $6.99 for Silver, and $9.99 for Gold, with an additional opportunity to purchase a lifetime Gold membership. Taimi Premium currently offers an opportunity to purchase a weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription with up to 77% discount.

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Can you make money on Taimi?

In the event a user chooses a money reward, Taimi’s reward is not a gift or any type of donation, but a payment for your services of the users’ involvement into the Taimi community. A fee amount and remuneration criteria shall be solely determined by Taimi on a case-by-case basis.

Is Taimi a dating app?

Taimi (/teɪmi/) is a social networking and dating app that caters to LGBTQI+ people. The network matches internet users based on their selected preferences and location. Taimi runs on iOS and Android.

What’s the best dating app?

Best Dating Apps of 2022
  • Best Overall: Hinge.
  • Best for Marriage: Match.
  • Best for Exclusivity: Raya.
  • Best for First Dates: Bumble.
  • Best LGBTQ Dating App: HER.
  • Best for Jewish Dating: JSwipe.
  • Best for Casual Dating: Tinder.

Is there an asexual dating app?

AsexualCupid has recently launched their dating app. This app is great for people who are asexual and are looking for someone who simply wants to find a soulmate and not indulge in a physical relationship.

What is Allosexuality?

People who are allosexual are those that experience sexual attraction to others. Allosexual people might identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or of another sexual orientation.

What is Graysexual?

Graysexuals only experience sexual attraction some of the time, and sometimes not at all. Their level of sexual attraction could fall anywhere from “not normally, but sometimes,” to “enjoys sex only under very specific circumstances”.