Mercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist Industrial Items

This Mercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist Industrial Items" image design has 18 dominant colors, including Air of Mint, Frontier, Orchilla, Stream, Viridian Green, Glacier Blue, Monastic, Columbus, Purple Corallite, Old Cheddar, Tomorokoshi Yellow, Weathered Leather, Caramelized Orange, Colorada Bronze, Buffed Copper, Spearmint, Oak Shaving, Camel Hide. This makes a very beautiful color combination inspired from this picture.

R G BColor Name
rgb(216, 240, 240)Air of Mint
rgb(48, 72, 72)Frontier
rgb(144, 144, 168)Orchilla
rgb(72, 96, 120)Stream
rgb(192, 216, 216)Viridian Green
rgb(168, 192, 192)Glacier Blue
rgb(168, 168, 216)Monastic
rgb(96, 120, 144)Columbus
rgb(96, 72, 144)Purple Corallite
rgb(216, 96, 72)Old Cheddar
rgb(240, 192, 96)Tomorokoshi Yellow
rgb(144, 96, 72)Weathered Leather
rgb(240, 144, 72)Caramelized Orange
rgb(240, 120, 96)Colorada Bronze
rgb(216, 144, 120)Buffed Copper
rgb(96, 192, 168)Spearmint
rgb(240, 216, 192)Oak Shaving
rgb(192, 168, 144)Camel Hide

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