X Vintage Industrial Bar Stool S General

This X Vintage Industrial Bar Stool S Bar" image design has 20 dominant colors, including Snowflake, White, Enfield Brown, Pig Iron, Sefid White, Light Petite Pink, Prom, Tea Time, Gully, Pasadena Rose, Gypsy Dancer, Floral Tapestry, Energy Peak, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Oat Straw, Paseo Verde, Namakabe Brown, Ivory, Rattan, Black Cat. This makes a very beautiful color combination inspired from this picture.

R G BColor Name
rgb(240, 240, 240)Snowflake
rgb(255, 255, 255)White
rgb(168, 48, 24)Enfield Brown
rgb(72, 72, 72)Pig Iron
rgb(255, 240, 240)Sefid White
rgb(240, 216, 216)Light Petite Pink
rgb(216, 168, 168)Prom
rgb(216, 192, 192)Tea Time
rgb(120, 120, 96)Gully
rgb(168, 72, 72)Pasadena Rose
rgb(192, 120, 120)Gypsy Dancer
rgb(192, 144, 144)Floral Tapestry
rgb(192, 96, 96)Energy Peak
rgb(240, 192, 120)Yellow-Rumped Warbler
rgb(240, 216, 144)Oat Straw
rgb(144, 144, 120)Paseo Verde
rgb(120, 96, 72)Namakabe Brown
rgb(255, 255, 240)Ivory
rgb(168, 144, 96)Rattan
rgb(48, 48, 48)Black Cat

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